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Contracts Define Who Is Authorized!

We complete our tour of the reputed places agile fears to tread with a brief stop in the land of contractual relationships. Outsourced work is the primary denizen of the land of contracts. In all but the simplest scenarios, asking another firm to do work for you generates a contractual relationship. In most cases, the contract is a proxy for intimacy and trust that occurs inside a single organization. Fences make good neighbors to keep relationships orderly; in the business world contracts take the place of fences to establish boundaries. Boundaries constrain the free flow of information and ideas, which is antithetical to agile principles. There are four core reasons organizations and practitioners see issues fitting agile into an environment of contracts and outsourcing. None of these issues is insurmountable, but they must be fully addressed in the contract. They are: (more…)

Listen to the Software Process and Measurement Cast 288. SPaMCAST 288 features our interview with Susan Atkinson on Agile contracts, governance and trust.  Quite a set of topics that get at the heart of why governance of Agile projects requires different tools than we use today.

Susan Atkinson is a Consultant Solicitor at Keystone Law. She is a commercial lawyer, focusing on IT, outsourcing, e-commerce, intellectual property and payment services. She has over 15 years of legal experience, and has typically worked on high-value, complex commercial contracts, primarily in the technology, financial services and public sector, and often in an international context.

Email:   susan.atkinson@keystonelaw.co.uk

Twitter: satkinson42

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Next week we will feature our essay on sprint planning. If you don’t start a sprint well you will have problems that ripple through whole sprint.  Our essay will help all teams start a sprint so they have a better chance at delivering value.

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