Over the 14+ years that I have been editing and publishing the Software Process and Measurement Cast I have met and engaged with a lot of cool and interesting people. Tom Henricksen is close to the top of that list. Tom has been on the podcast several times, most recently on SPaMCAST 616. One of Tom’s many claims to fame is that he brings the industry two great annual events, the DevOps and the Agile Online Summits. Tom was delivering online conferences and summits BEFORE we all started working from home, so both of these are well-oiled and powerful events. This is on top of being an  In addition to the summits, Tom is an active thought leader in the agile community. This is a long way around to saying that when he recently asked the SPaMCAST to be a media sponsor for the DevOps Online Summit, I did not hesitate to say yes.  As part of the process, I recently sat down with Tom (virtually) to talk about the SPaMCAST and to promote the upcoming DevOps Online Summit (the SPaMCAST is a media promoter). Please enjoy the conversation: 

And remember, the DevOps Online Summit provides a phenomenal platform to connect and  network with fellow practitioners from all over the world. Start the journey to speaking at the DevOps Online Summit 2021 by submitting at https://bit.ly/3syp2c5 

I hope to hear you there!

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The Software Process and Measurement Cast 611 features our conversation with Jeff Smith. Jeff and I talked about his new book, Operational Anti-Patterns with DevOps Solutions. Our conversation branched out to cover DevOps and how writing a book changes your perception of life. The conversation was the most clear-eyed and penetrating conversation on DevOps I have had on the podcast. Jeff challenged all of us to recognize that we can make a difference. (more…)


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The SPaMCAST 596 features our interview with Tom Henricksen. Tom brings the industry the DevOps and the Agile Online Summits and is an active thought leader in the agile community.  We talked about how events like his Summits foster learning and sharpening the saw. Tom suggests that tuning your skills and capabilities has never been more important as the economy struggles to get going again. (more…)

The DevOps Online Summit 2020 is an online event for DevOps professionals. We will have interviews with DevOps leaders and Ask Me Anything sessions. So wherever you are in the world you can attend these online sessions. It will start Monday, April 20, 2020, and run through Friday, April 24, 2020.

I am looking forward to getting my DevOps geek on and hope to virtually see you at xx to the Summit. Check out Tom Henricksen’s audio call to action  (click the logo below)

Then visit and register for this year’s DevOps Online Summit at https://bit.ly/2UQaupf

The SPaMCAST is proud to be a media sponsor. 

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SPaMCAST 566 features our interview with Christopher Gerg. Security issues can range from clicking on the wrong thing in emails to ransomware and is painful and costly. Security might be everybody’s responsibility however someone needs to lead the charge. Our conversation covered the role of the CISO in today’s organization, security in software development, and cybersecurity in the real world.   (more…)

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SPaMCAST 533 features our essay titled, Can Agile (SAFe) Be Interfaced With Waterfall? The long answer is yes, but the short answer is yes, but try to find a way to avoid the self-inflicted complexity. If you can’t avoid mixing and matching frameworks, there are paths to success you can leverage.

Other essays in our series on interfacing SAFe and waterfall efforts include:

Can Agile (SAFe) Be Interfaced With Waterfall? – https://bit.ly/2SLUmou

Interfacing Agile (SAFe) With Waterfall? – Transparency – https://bit.ly/2MWNYFT

Interfacing Agile (SAFe) With Waterfall? –  Synchronization – https://bit.ly/2WVgLio

Interfacing Agile (SAFe) With Waterfall? –  Code – https://bit.ly/2I6eUUR

This week we also have a quick visit from Tom Henricksen.  Tom created the popular Online Agile Summit. Today he announces the DevOps Online Summit that will be held on April 8th through 11th.  After you listen, check out the website! https://www.devopsonlinesummit.com/2019

Jeremy Berriault brings a new installment of the QA Corner (https://qacorner.blog/) to the cast this week.  Jeremy leverages work by Simon Sinek and tackles the “why” of testing.

Re-Read Saturday News
This week we continue our re-read of The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. In chapter two, Gladwell dives into the law of the few.  There are three types of people that are important to pushing an idea up to and over a tipping point: connectors, mavens, and salespeople.  All three are required. Remember to dust off your copy or buy a new copy and read along!

Current entry:

Week 3 – The Law of the Fewhttps://bit.ly/2Buau46 (more…)


Paraphrasing the definition from Wikipedia, a center of excellence (COE) is a team that provides leadership, research, support and/or training for a focus area. COE’s are deployed for many reasons such as developing an organizational skill, rescuing a troubled initiative, or sometimes sheer desperation.  The reason and implementation path of the COE will impact the perception and value delivered This might seem like common knowledge, but to quote Voltaire, “common sense is not so common.” Done well, a COE can help infuse knowledge and energy into an organization. Done differently, a COE ends up becoming bureaucratic auditors under the flag of best practices. (more…)

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SPaMCAST 514 features our interview with John Clapham. John and I talked DevOps, people, agile, and how all those pieces fit together coherently or not. John even quoted Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. This is a big, fun, informative interview!

John Clapham is an experienced coach, trainer, and consultant, specializing in DevOps and Agile.  He helps teams to build great products, creating environments and systems which are effective, productive and enjoyable to work in. Often this means introducing Scrum, or developing a deeper understanding of the method and it’s principles.  John draws on broad experience as an engineer and lead, he has built web and enterprise applications in government, publishing, telecommunications, commerce, defense and public sector arenas.

Twitter:  @johnC_bristol

Web: http://www.cotelic.co.uk/


Re-Read Saturday News

This week we tackle Chapter 9 of The Checklist Manifesto.  The Save is the final chapter in the book.  Next week we will discuss our final thoughts and decide on the next book.  In chapter 9 Atul Gawande talks about his experiences with the surgical checklist he helped to create. The last chapter is a combination of emotion and evidence.

Remember to buy a copy of The Checklist Manifesto and READ along!

Current Installment:

Week 10 – The Savehttps://bit.ly/2NdhaXA (more…)

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SPaMCAST 498 features our interview John Kordyback.  Agile is more than just Scrum or a bunch values. Agile has a technical side that can’t be ignored. This week, John and I have a wide-ranging conversation covering the technical side of agile, the impact of tools on principles, and the difference in agile approaches for systems of engagement and systems of record.


John Kordyback is a Principal Consultant with ThoughtWorks leading technology transformations and applying lean principles within complex enterprises. He is a strong advocate for applying the lean delivery and operational practices found in the Devops and Evolutionary Architecture movements to gain more value from existing technology investments. John has worked in insurance, telecommunications, commodity and securities trading, high tech, energy, and the airline industries. Before his technology career, John worked as a researcher and practitioner for people with disabilities.

Email: jkordyba@thoughtworks.com

Twitter: @jkordyback

Re-Read Saturday News

This week we tackle chapter 20 of L. David Marquet’s Turn the Ship Around! (have you bought your copy?). Chapter 20 completes part 3 which has focused on competence and the run-up to the deployment of the Santa Fe. The title of this chapter is Final Preparations.  We have six or seven weeks left – Steven Adams is pushing for the next book to be Release It, the other option is The Checklist Manifesto.  Both are great . . . thoughts?

Current Installment:

Week 13: Final Preparations –  https://bit.ly/2t1OgSn (more…)

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This week’s Software Process and Measurement Cast features our interview with Alex Papadimoulis.  Alex is returning to the Software Process and Measurement Cast to discuss Release.  Release is card game about making software inspired by development strategies like Lean, Agile, and DevOps, and classic trick -taking card games. We also circled back to talk about continuous delivery and DevOps; a bit of lagniappe to add to a great interview.

Alex’s Bio:


Alex is a speaker and writer who is passionate about looking beyond the code to build great software. In addition to founding Inedo – the makers of BuildMaster, the popular continuous delivery platform – Alex also started The Daily WTF, a fun site dedicated to building software the wrong way.

Contact Information:

Email:  apapadimoulis@inedo.com
Twitter: @apapadimoulis
Web: http://inedo.com/
Other Web: http://thedailywtf.com/

Call to action!

We are just completed a re-read John Kotter’s classic Leading Change on the Software Process and Measurement Blog (www.tcagley.wordpress.com) and are in process of choosing the next book for Re-read Saturday.  Please go to the poll and cast your vote by February 15?  Vote now at Software Process and Measurement Blog!

Next SPaMCast

In the next Software Process and Measurement Cast we will feature our essay on commitment.  What is the power of making a commitment? The making and keeping of commitments are core components of professional behavior. The simple definition of a commitment is a promise to perform. Whether Agile or Waterfall, commitments are used to manage software projects. Commitments drive the behavior of individuals, teams and organizations.  Commitments are powerful!

Shameless Ad for my book!

Mastering Software Project Management: Best Practices, Tools and Techniques co-authored by Murali Chematuri and myself and published by J. Ross Publishing. We have received unsolicited reviews like the following: “This book will prove that software projects should not be a tedious process, neither for you or your team.” Support SPaMCAST by buying the book here.

Available in English and Chinese.