Cooling before winter!

In February 2001 the Agile Manifesto was signed by 17 people. The Manifesto, comprised of four values and 12 principles, is the rallying point for what would become the agile movement.  It provided a new framework to think about how work should, or could, be approached. That framework challenged the standard thinking of how to develop, enhance, and maintain software. That challenge guaranteed disorder and energy; it created entropy that was harnessed for change. Nearly 18 years later, the excitement and focus which has been the hallmark of the agile movement is showing its age and begun to dissipate under a wave of prescriptive methods and a knee jerk reaction to control.  This is a pattern of change that has repeated over and over across history. The age of the cowboy and cattle drives was conquered not by the six-shooter, but by fences. The Capability Maturity Models (CMM and CMMI) spawned an industry of assessors who policed software development usage which helped to give birth to the agile movement. We are now at a similar inflection point. (more…)