2-26 2013 reflect lake

A few years ago my wife and I were hiking in an obscure corner of the Rocky Mountain National Park. The trail we had chosen had a very significant change in elevation but the guide book promised a beautiful mountain lake.  We were not disappointed.  Not only was the spring fed lake nestled in the rugged peaks, quite a site, but the clarity and reflections in the lake were mesmerizing.

We spend a significant amount of time studying how code is written, functions tested and projects led and/or managed. Behavior is often a critical determinant of outcome of work. However, just observing a behavior and understanding the root of that behavior is rarely a straight forward trip. Systems Thinking is an important concept to help change agents understand that behavior is often a reflection of many factors.

Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?

Beware Of Poisonous SnakesHiking and delivering change have similar aspects.  Neither activity is without dangers.  As a change agent you need to be aware that not everyone will be as excited by the changes you bring to the organization as you are. Some will be openly critical and others will hide their criticism behind a veneer of approval and support. I am always disappointed by this type of resistance therefore I am often disappointed. What I am is not thwarted.

As with snakes, forewarned is forearmed. Delivering a change requires aligning you allies, marketing your change, providing support, listening to feedback and considering who will resist both overtly and covertly.  Having a plan to deal with problems you can anticipate before they crop up makes sense unless creating the plan stops you from delivering. Waiting until everyone is on your side or you have a plan to deal with every eventuality will cause planning paralysis and you will never deliver. Plan your route, tell someone where you are going, grab a snake bite kit and then hit the trail.  Just watch for the snakes!