Nothing Says Celebration Like Fireworks!

I enjoy looking back over the previous year to assess what we have accomplished on the blog and podcast. This was quite a year. Susan Parente and Wolfram Müller joined the podcast as columnists.  Anthony Mersino wrote a guest blog entry that was one of the highest traffic entries on the blog. We had year-over-year growth on both the blog and the podcast. We also got the podcast on Spotify. At the same time, I changed jobs this year. While this was positive from a work perspective, the change reduced the amount of time for blogging and podcasting.  During the year, we also had some technical issues causing the temporary loss of a few interviews. They have been recovered and we are catching up – I learned how to use a Linux distro to recover a drive. Overall we (it really is “we”) delivered 52 podcasts beginning with an interview with Kyle Siemens discussing The Case for Certifications and ending the year with essays and discussions covering Story Maps and Agile Risk Management. All 52 podcasts provided great content and there is not one of them I would not do again in a heartbeat.  We also delivered 212 blog entries.

The 10 most downloaded podcasts of the year were. (more…)

More Stickers!

Nine rounds of voting are complete. We began with six categories and 26 sayings.  By December 28th we were down to two, and after a flurry of voting we ended in a dead heat.   (more…)

Warning: Ejection Seat

You have to plan where you’re going so you end up in the right seat.

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.” – Melody Beattie 

Setting goals is an important ritual that marks the end of one year and the beginning of the next. It is an avenue for introspection, a filter to sort out the irrelevant, and to influence behavior. A goal is a statement of a person’s, team’s or organization’s ambition.  A goal can be strategic or tactical depending on how a goal is stated.  You can use a framework to consistently develop goals. A consistent framework can help you not to forget some key considerations that are useful for translating an idea into action. Such as ensuring goals are tangible enough to be measured. There are a huge number of frameworks, including SMART, PASTIE, and BHAG to name a few. (more…)

I have decided to try a little experiment this year.  I intend to post a picture with a process improvement related comment on a daily basis  I will be interested in your comments and ideas.



As we begin the New Year the possibilities are endless which is just another way of saying the world around us is uncertain.  It is easy to connote uncertainty with risk and risk management.  Trying to mitigate all risks so that world is certain might make your life calm but rather limits the upside!

As you begin 2013 remember uncertainty might not always be your enemy.