Audio Version:  SPaMCAST 171

ImageWhen the Software Process and Measurement Cast began five years ago it was the culmination of an idea that had begun percolating for many years. It did not spring into existence fully formed. The cast began as a bi-weekly show combining both an essay and an interview. We have evolved to a weekly cast. The metrics minutes essays have come a regular feature. 

 The cast has been a path to give something back to the industry that has been so good to me while at the same time do something that would satiate my need to continually learn while being exposed to new ideas. The audience for the first show (and more than a few after that) could be counted on on one hand or on some multiple of hands and feet. After a few breaks and a lot hard work the audience, measured in downloads, has reached 10k per month.  I am happy to say that we are still growing. There are so many people to thank for the shows success that it is a deeply humbling experience.  Interviewees, sponsors, great contributors and my family have made all of this possible. 

 Does this sound a bit like a swan song?  Not on your life.  Where do we (we because I am including you) go from here? While I am happy with the general format I think the intro and outros need to be freshened up.  Another change I would like to affect is to engage more of you to provide content to build the essay segment into more of a journal or magazine. If you have a review or essay and want to be an internet star, I have the platform for you! If you have a submission let me know, I will be happy to review it and help produce it.  Note all submission will be reviewed to make sure they fit the show’s  format and level of quality. If you don’t want to record your review or essay, I can have it narrated.  A recent example of audience content can be found on SPaMCAST 169 where Elizabeth Harrin wrote a great book review and Barb Cagley provided the narration.

 Other plans and goals for 2012 include growing the audience by 50%, a new website that consolidates the podcast and blog, re-institution the SPaMCAST newsletter and adding at least one video cast (Pat Ferdinandi has rubbed off on me). Want to help or have ideas on how to grow the audience? Contact me and we can discuss how we can make something happen. Anyone that helps will get exposure to the whole SPaMCAST audience.

 Finally, I am actively searching for additional sponsors like LeanKit Kanban. Chris Hefley and the crew at LeanKit have been and continue to be great sponsors.  Sponsors help with upgrading equipment, offsetting the hosting and other costs. 

 Year Six will be a great time for all of us. I hope the cast will continual to be useful, informative and exciting!  Thank all of you for making this possible!