We will take a break from our re-reading of Daniel S. Vacanti’s Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability: An Introduction (buy a copy today) this week.  I am spending the weekend learning and getting new ideas to improve the Software Process and Measurement Cast at PodCamp.  While I am sitting in lecture halls at Ryerson University in Toronto this weekend please take the time to weigh in on the poll to choose the next book in the Re-read Saturday Series.  You can vote for two books.  I will cut off the poll next Friday.

Reflections on Podcamp Cleveland
Thomas M. Cagley Jr

Preparing to giving a speech, even one that should easy, is a time to reflect on your audience and what connects you with that audience. It is a time for reflection and introspection.  As I prepared to give the “rock star” speech for Podcamp Cleveland last weekend ( May 1, 2010), I spent a while talking with my wife about the types of people we had met at the numerous podcamps we had attended in the past three or four years.

I suggest that Podcampers fall across a continuum bound at one end by hobbyists and at the other by professional marketers. All connected by content and all struggling  to find a way to use content for branding whether personal branding or product branding is both material and immaterial.  While I suggest that the extremes define the center, the core of value of an unconference is that everyone brings something to the table that is useful.  Podcampers can use that knowledge to begin to define their personal brand (just ask the unemployed project manager why brand is important) or to hone well defined branding programs which brings me back to the rock star speech. 

I do not know whether Christopher Penn and Chris Brogan knew the movement they began would unite all social marketers or not.  But they did know that we are all rock stars.  We are all rock stars because we can change the world, whether our own world or the wider world is merely a matter of degree.

These are my raw notes — EMPHASIS on the raw part. I wanted to share what I heard and learned. Note that these are notes only from the sessions I attended. There were many others!

Using Free Downloads To Build Your Brand by Vergel Evans

Deliver something of value to attract people to you.
• Open source your process — enhance the shelf life (make it less perishable therefore with more power to pull people overtime)
• Brand all of your downloads (drive people back to you)
Consider sharing the tools you are using (open source your process ideas)
• Checklists
• Templates or stem files
• Push out the research notes as white papers

Package and organize (add value) open source materials

Make sure you can answer how people find your content
• Web search
• Fans and regulars that share forward
• Social media
• Promotional items

If you use promotional items they must provide utility (like a tooth brush from the dentist) and be branded
The best items are those that are part of your target audiences workflow

Make content, commoditize it to the workflow (above) and ensure they use it as their first step
Consider using
• A UTube channel
• Use relevant post feature of WordPress

Checkout Tubemogul.com
“The better we become at distribution the more we can make money”

Session: Jedi Mind Tricks and You by Mark Farmer

1. Talk the same language as the gatekeeper – translate to industry words
2. Blog will help demonstrate value to the membership
3. Create the opportunity then the media will follow
4. Shift the frame of reference ie newsletter to landing page to blog, seminar to webinar to podcast

Session: Social Media Monitoring and Analysis by Dave Fleet

Know what you target is and what do want from your target?

Mix ongoing and periodic measurement (I am thinking about this as measure periodically and monitor in an ongoing manner)

If you focus too hard on a particular tool, you risk taking your eye off the goal

Layers – Free tools to monitor and measure, professional tools and human analysis that add value. (pyramid)

Four things to measure
• Flow – rate and volume
• Content –
• Creators – influence, engagement and persistence
• Community – velocity and social graph

Check out the Air Force Blog Response Process

Check out
• Google URL builder – find out where stuff is coming from
• URL Shorteners :CLS.gs and Bit.ly have analytics

Find Seth Goodin’s effort and luck quote

Session: Podcast Novels 101 by Steve Saylor

Get your community to help you
Create two commercials – one a teaser and one a theatrical trailer
Ask other podcasters for help – email other podcasters asking formally for their help (make sure you know what they are doing and can personalize the request)
Create a contest to create involvement
Put your novel on podiobooks

Check out bit.ly/pocastnovel101

Session: HIFI for WIFI by Victoria Fenner

Use an impedance match to boost a condenser microphone
Try amplify versus compressor
Interesting microphone AudioTechinca A22or H22

Session: Twitter Tools by Justin Kozuch

1. Tweet Deck – add solutions via search
2. Twitvite – for events (ISMA ?)
3. Twittersheep.com – tag cloud for who you are following
4. Xexfr.com/twitter – usage
5. Followcost.com – how annoying will be to follow someone
6. Twittergrader.com – measure social capital
7. Tweetcut.com – cut down a tweet
8. Tweetmeme.com – popular links on Twitter
9. Tweetake – Twitter Backup
10. Tweetube.com – sharing UTube videos via Twitter