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We will begin the re-read of L. David Marquet’s Turn the Ship Around! next week and I am stoked. Buy your copy and listen to the interview I did with Mr. Marquet (SPaMCAST 202) to get involved in the re-read.  I am going to lead the re-read from my copy from 2012 (7th printing).  The book has 29 chapters, not including the forward, a cast of characters, index, afterword, and a glossary. The book is an easy read because Marquet is such an excellent communicator.  My intent is to knock out the preface material next week and then begin delivering 2 chapters per week. If my estimating ability holds true, we will complete our re-read in 18 weeks.  I expect to miss two weeks due to travel.

I was introduced originally to David Marquet’s remarkable book by Bill Fox (Bill’s website is  Container 13.  Captain Marquet’s ideas of leadership have had and continue to have a major impact on how I lead and interact with everyone in my life.  Before we begin I want to say thanks to Bill for the introduction and thank you to David. If you have not read this book please buy a copy and dive in. I would also suggest checking out David’s Intent Based Leadership YouTube channel, Leadership Nudge, to reinforce the ideas in the book and to see the evolution of the ideas from Turn the Ship Around

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A New Copy!

The Oscars are being announced March 4, 2018. At some point in the process, someone will call for the envelope and boom: the big reveal. So in the spirit of the moment, we have our next book for the Re-read Saturday. We will begin re-reading Turn the Ship Around by L. David Marquet in two weeks. I have interviewed Mr. Marquet twice for the podcast; I have gotten a ton from his books and the interviews, so I am pumped. I also want to announce the book after that, The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande (I recently bought a copy and want to share what I have gotten out of it). Now on with the main attraction!

The title of Chapter 16 is Getting Started, in Daniel S. Vacanti’s Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability: An Introduction (buy a copy today). The never-ending journey of process improvement needs to begin at the beginning. In this chapter, Vacanti lays out an outline for adopting a process improvement approach that uses the metrics discussed earlier in the book. (more…)

A New Copy!

Before we dive into Chapter 15  (two chapters left, and chapter 17 is a case study!), I want to alert you to the poll at the end of this entry.  It is time to choose the next book in the re-read series. Feel free to start a write-in category.

Chapter 15 is titled, Monte Carlo Methods Introduction in Daniel S. Vacanti’s Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability: An Introduction (buy a copy today).  FYI, I interviewed Daniel Vacanti and will post the interview at the conclusion of the re-read (it was wicked cool). (more…)

A New Copy!

One note to start with: we are on Chapter 14 today out of 17. So, after today, we have approximately four more weeks. As a result, we will have to choose another book in the next couple of weeks.  I have received some suggestions, and I have also asked the interviewees that appeared in the Software Process and Measurement Podcast in 2017 which was the most impactful book they have read. I would also like your input. What do you suggest that we read next?  

Chapter 14 is titled Introduction to Forecasting in Daniel S. Vacanti’s Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability: An Introduction (buy a copy today)

One of the definitions of predictability is the ability to make a quantitative forecast about the future state of a process. In this light, a forecast is just a calculation about the probability of the occurrence of some future event; an estimate might be a forecast. At one point in my career, the group I was part of had to collect data on a nightly file maintenance process so we could determine whether the process could finish within the required time window.   (more…)


A New Copy!

Chapter 13, Pull Policies, of Daniel S. Vacanti’s Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability: An Introduction (buy a copy today) begins Part 4: “Putting It All Together for Predictability” . Pull policies define how work is accepted by a team and gets worked on. Pull policies are important because they affect cycle time and predictability.

Chapter 13 Pull  policies

Almost everyone that has been introduced to the concepts of flow,  kanban, or scrumban has been introduced to the idea of class-of-service (CoS).  Arguably, if you have ever stood in a line only to see someone go around the line understands different classes of service. A family member works in the airport, they always go to the head of the queue; airport employees are a class of service.  Vacanti uses the airport example in great detail at the beginning of the chapter to illustrate the impact of classes of service. I suggest reading the example at least twice before you finally put the book away (it is that good).  

Class of service is “a policy or set of policies around the order in which work items are pulled from a given process once those items are committed to.”   (more…)

A New Copy!


Chapter 9 of Daniel S. Vacanti’s Actionable  Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability: An Introduction (buy a copy today) is titled, “Flow Debt.” The chapter on flow debt caps this section of the book on integrating flow metrics and the cumulative flow diagram.  In this chapter, we use the approximate average cycle time (defined in Chapter 5) to identify flow debt and to guide teams and other stakeholders to ask good questions. Identifying when and where flow debt is being incurred allows teams to take action so that the flow of value can be improved! (more…)

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We are taking a week off from our current re-read (Daniel S. Vacanti’s Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability). In the US the Christmas shopping holiday began in earnest on Friday, November 24th (Black Friday). To get into the swing of things I would like to suggest a few books I have recently reviewed or interviewed the authors on the Software Process and Measurement Cast. We will be back to Mr. Vacanti’s book next week. I have included an affiliate link to each book which, if you order the book through the link, will support the author and support the podcast and blog. I have also included a link to the podcast or blog entry they appeared in .

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Buy a copy of the book: The Science of Successful Organizational Change: How Leaders Set Strategy, Change Behavior, and Create an Agile Culture

Re-read the previous Re-read Saturday Book (more…)