2-15 2013 Happy Chef Giant

This photo is is from the trip my daughters call the “Idols and Graven Images” road-trip in South Dakota.  There will be others from this trip.

There is a fine line in marketing that is over the top and marketing that is effective. Change requires planned marketing whether formal communication plans or word-of-mouth campaigns. All too often software professionals that have been pressed into action as change agents overlook marketing or if they address marketing it is understated.

The owners of the Happy Chef did not understand the concept of understated. In the crowded world of middle tier restaurants understated will tend to be overlooked. The big audacious marketing move gets people in the door where the Happy Chef employee’s have a chance at satisfying customer needs and generating repeat customers. Change agents need to learn enough  about marketing techniques to generate interest or hope that a management edict or word-of-mouth drives the change virally.

The Happy Chef?  We went in the door and if I remember correctly would have gone back if we were not just passing through. The big audacious marketing move only works if you deliver.