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Sometimes having a DH makes sense!

We began discussing the concept of staff liquidity during the re-read of Commitment. Liquidity is a financial concept describing the ease of converting assets into cash. Stocks traded on a major exchange are liquid while stocks in private company traded between friends are far less liquid. Translating the financial concept to software development and maintenance teams, liquidity is a measure of the ease of turning effort into functionality. Staff liquidity is valuable three significant reasons: (more…)

Pi(e)-shaped person?

Pi(e)-shaped person?

Many Agile discussions talk about team members as generalizing specialists.  Generalizing specialists are individuals that have a specialty; however, they also have broad levels of experience that can be applied.  Tim Brown of IDEO coined term ‘T-shaped people’ (or skills) to describe this combination of specialization and experience.  There are a number of other letter- or symbol-based metaphors, sort of an alphabet soup of metaphors, that describe the type of person you might find in a team. (more…)

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Staff liquidity takes a central position in this week’s installment of our read of Commitment – Novel about Managing Project Risk by Olav Maassen, Chris Matts and Chris Geary (2nd edition, 2016) .  Chapter 5 is a relatively short chapter, but exposes one of the critical mechanisms for how Agile teams are able to self-organize and self-manage.  If you are an Agile coach or involved in an Agile transformation, once you recognize the concepts in this chapter you will be surprised how many times you use them.  If have been struggling with the concept how Agile teams can handle the need to shift roles to address changes in needs with management intervention this chapter provides you with the knowledge you will need.    (more…)