I am attending the QAI Quest Conference this week.  This is not my first Quest and I hope it won’t be my last – I am going to augment my Test Driven Development (TDD) class with a robotics twist. Thanks to Jason Huggins for a great keynote on robotics to spark the idea, this is one of the reasons going to conferences is useful. For those that don’t know, Quest is primarily a quality and testing conference put on by the Quality Assurance Institute with smatterings of other related topics. As with all conferences, I am a collector of ideas and people, this week I have noticed a lot of lists being generated. I have captured many of the lists related to the problems people are having implementing agile.  I think even with a day left I can summarize the lists and confirm my summarization and perception based on the conversations I have had during meals and breaks. There are seven common threads test and quality focused personnel experience being agile. (more…)