Happy Thanksgiving

Empathy is defined as understanding what another person is experiencing from their frame of reference. Translating that definition into action requires more than just an understanding. People that are empathic exhibit four basic attributes.  A person being empathetic must: (more…)

I am thankful for my WHOLE family (even the part not in the picture)!

I am thankful for my WHOLE family (even the part not in the picture)!

The fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving in the United States. Thanksgiving is a traditional harvest festival in the in the United States and Canada (different dates) although most cultures have a celebration to give thanks for the bounty of the harvest of the land around them. As with many holidays Thanksgiving provides a time for reflection about our lives and the lives of those around us. While I hope we are always thankful, there are times when it is important to actively remember what we have to be thankful for and perhaps even testify just a bit.

I am thankful for:

  • For my whole family and their families and their families families!
  • For my dog and my cats (and that they don’t fight too much)
  • For parents and people that are nearly parents
  • For my friends
  • For everyone that takes or has taken care of me
  • For everyone that has sacrificed so I can be who I am . . . whether they know me or not
  • For the world around me
  • For the problems I face (and for the solutions to those problems)
  • For sand between my toes and the occasional rock in my shoe
  • For the ability to think, smile and laugh
  • For the internet
  • For science and things that are not exactly science
  • For the readers of my blog
  • For the listeners to my podcast
  • For the fact that not everyone agrees with me
  • For the fact that at least a few people do agree with me
  • For mostly rational people and for the guy on the corner that does silly things occasionally
  • For problems to think about
  • For sunrises and sunsets
  • For the 24 hours in a day (even though sometimes I want just a bit more time)

There are probably lots of other things to be thankful for that have slipped my mind, I do not think I am alone in this predicament. Perhaps taking time on a daily basis to reflect on what we are thankful for rather than just on specific days like Thanksgiving would make the world a less stressful, angry and bitter place. But even if reflecting on what you are thankful for could not achieve this lofty goal perhaps it could add one extra smile to your day. A smile that you could share with someone else.