As my European sojourn slowly builds to its finale, I have begun to reflect on how many teams and sort of teams we interact with on a daily basis.  In my case, when traveling I interact with teams at the hotel, at the conference center, and on the metro.  Each of these institutions is a combination of teams and in some cases, the teams are not perfectly synchronized and appear to be competing teams within teams.  A final reprint of an article admonising the read to avoid having teams within teams! (more…)

I spent yesterday roaring across Spain at 300+ km/hr. As I looked out the window I am more convinced that we are entering the post-agile age.  The new age, so ripe with promise, is an age of enlightened continuous process improvements that challenges us all to be more than we were yesterday.  Today we revisit …. (more…)

We are enjoying a bit of a holiday.  Yesterday I toured La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The basilica was started well over 100 years ago and is now planned to be completed in 2026.  I am struck by how persistent and motivating an idea can be.  While function points are not as old, they are equally as persistent and useful.  Please enjoy this throwback essay on function points: (more…)


Many of the contributors to the Software Process and Measurement Cast are give webinars, attend and present at conferences.  On a monthly basis, I will provide a list of webinars and conferences that we will be attending. If I get discount codes for any of the conferences I will pass them on to you! (more…)