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Software Process and Measurement Cast 632 reprises a panel from the 18th of March 2020 just as things were getting interesting on the working from the home front. Today we discuss what they have learned working with and supporting remote teams versus how it was supposed to work. The panel is:

  • Jeff Dalton,
  • Amy McDonough Amy,
  • Sandeep Koorse,
  • Christopher Hurney,
  • Tom Cagley,

In March 2020, as our world was shrinking and words like ‘lockdown’ and ‘zoom-bombing’ were becoming a reality, we recorded and aired SPaMCAST 597. Paul Laberge, Susan Parente, Jo Ann Sweeney, John Voris, and I talked about how we could create or preserve interactions leading to serendipity. Remote working was new for many people. This week we discuss what went well and what have we learned from nearly a year of working remotely. As the editor of the SPaMCAST it is my great pleasure to reconvene a group of people that have such great insight into people. The discussion is full of great ideas to improve remote and hybrid working environments, but most of all it is full of ideas to help respect people in tough times or not.